I am Michael Augustyniak, an accomplished professional specializing in logo and brand design. With extensive experience as a freelancer, my expertise extends to illustration and web design. My focus lies in crafting distinctive brands and visual identities that resonate with meaning and purpose.

I love witnessing people achieve victory. No matter where I find myself, I instinctively lend a hand to help my co-workers thrive, bolster departments for greater strength, and contribute to the business's growth through my skills, talents, and knowledge. I even circle back to assist clients in exceeding their anticipated results. When faced with tough and challenging situations, I perceive them as opportunities to shift perspectives, adjust attitudes, and realign for achieving accomplishments. One of the most resonant phrases I've come across is: "Begin with the end in mind."

I make the most of my skills to support the success of my role and those around me. I'm in a constant cycle of learning, refining, maturing, and expanding my abilities and knowledge so I can be even more effective in surpassing goals. Armed with this wealth of knowledge and experience, I share, instruct, and nurture those close to me, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency in their roles. I recognize that for growth to occur, a strong foundation and a conducive environment are imperative. Cultivating and preserving that culture holds immense importance to me. Likewise, the task of sourcing, hiring, and equipping the right individuals for the team is equally invaluable.

My skill set is characterized by creativity, technical prowess, and adaptability. From graphic design, web design, social media management, advertising, branding, to IT communication, computer software and hardware proficiency – not to mention leadership, project management, emotional intelligence, time management, critical and creative thinking, and my aptitude for attentive listening and empathy. These tools enable me to surmount a range of challenges and view myriad solutions and perspectives for each obstacle.

During my personal time, I revel in drawing, immersing myself in music, and unleashing rhythm on the drums. I'm an unabashed enthusiast for music and movies, and I take pleasure in casual video and board gaming. When it comes to food, I'm always up for burgers, tacos, pizza, and sushi (though not always in that sequence). Given the choice, I'm more inclined towards the beach than the mountains. My commitment to community shines through as I find joy in volunteering my time for the betterment of the people and the local culture.